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Pre-ordering a product

Help with purchasing pre-launch products on CrowdMall

Common problems when you pre-order a product

If you have a problem with making a pre-order payment successfully, please read the questions and answers in the Troubleshooting section for buyers. If you decide after pre-ordering a product that you no longer wish to purchase it, contact CrowdMall

How can I find interesting products to pre-order?

You can search for products to browse at CrowdMall in a number of different ways". 1. Search. You will find the search magnifying glass button in the top-right hand corner of any page, with the icon 🔍 . Type your search terms into the text field and

How do I pre-order a product?

Search for the campaign page of a product you would like to purchase. Above the fold at the top of the campaign page you will see images relating to the product on the left-hand side and essential details about the product on the right-hand side. The

How secure is it to pre-order a product at CrowdMall?

You can pre-order products at CrowdMall safely and securely. CrowdMall does not store any banking or credit card information directly on its servers. We also do not share your payment details with product creators (i.e., sellers). All credit card inf

When is my card charged?

Your card is charged when you make the pre-order payment. Your money is stored in a secure, Stripe deposit account until you have safely received delivery of the product you ordered. If a campaign is unsuccessful, if you never receive delivery of a p

I pre-ordered a product, but I don’t see the pre-order on my account?

Your payment for the pre-launch product on CrowdMall will appear on your bank or credit card statements with the descriptor CROWDMALL, LLC. If your pre-order payment did not go through and there is no record of CrowdMall receiving notification of you

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can pay for products displayed at CrowdMall?

CrowdMall does not control or set limits on the amounts product creators charge for their pre-launch products. As part of the process of setting up a campaign, creators need to charge a fair price for their pre-launch products in order to be able to

What is this charge from CrowdMall on my bank statement?

When you pre-order a product at CrowdMall, money leaves your account to be held securely in a Stripe deposit account for the product campaign. The price you paid for the product will appear on a statement for the account you used (e.g. bank account,

How do I message a product creator?

Visit the campaign page for the product about which you want message its creator. There are two places where you can find a link to the creator's vendor profile page:. Once you have landed on the product creator's vendor profile, page scroll to the b

A product creator campaign has ended but I’d still like to pre-order the product, is this possible?

You can only pre-order a product before the end date of a campaign so that creators know with confidence the fixed quantity of items to be built and shipped. You are welcome to get in touch with the creator to find out how and where you can buy the i

How do I follow product creators?

First, browse CrowdMall to find a product you like in a category that interests you. Diagonally upwards to the right of the product campaign title you will find a "Like" heart icon ♡. If you choose to click on the heart, you add the product to your C

What forms of payment can I use to pre-order a product?

You can use the following types of payment for purchasing pre-launch products at CrowdMall:.

How do I add a new debit or credit card to my account?

When you add a pre-launch product to your shopping cart, you add your payment details during the sales process of placing your pre-order, as shown below:.

What is Stripe and how do I set up an account?

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that enables CrowdMall to accept payments from customers online. It works in the background to handle the pre-orders you make using your own recognized method of payment. There is no need for you to set

Do I get notified if a product I pre-ordered succeeds?

Yes. CrowdMall will send you automatic notification of the success of a product campaign on the following occasions:. Also, you can check on the progress of a product you have pre-ordered by visiting its campaign page and looking at how much of the t

If I pre-order a product, what information does the product creator receive?

When you pre-order a product, your purchase is assigned an order number that appears in the  vendor's Creator Portal. The order details comprise the number of units you pre-ordered, the amount you paid for your pre-order, your name, your contact emai

Can I pre-order more than one product from a single campaign?

Yes. Simply increase the number of units you want to pre-order by clicking the "Up" arrowhead on the sales-unit counter to the left of the "Pre-order" button on the campaign page of any product you want to buy.

Can I pre-order products from different campaigns in one shopping session?

Yes. When you click on the Pre-order button of a live product campaign, a pop-up window like the one below is displayed that invites you to View Cart or Check Out – or simply close the window. If you close the pop-up window you can open a different p

What do I do if I have questions about a campaign?

If the first instance, you can contact the creator of the product you have pre-ordered. You can do this in several ways:. Contact form and Vendor chat options on a vendor profile page. Q&A tab found under the gatefold of a product campaign page. Comm

How do I know a project creator is who they claim they are?

Every product creator goes through a rigorous onboarding process when they register with CrowdMall. We conduct a due diligence exercise on each potential vendor on the following issues, displayed in the "How we vet creators" section

What happens when a campaign exceeds its pre-sales unit threshold?

In summary, the campaign moves from its pre-sales phase into its production and fulfillment phase. This means that you should receive your pre-launch purchase in the post, assuming the manufacturing and delivery of the product runs smoothly. In more

Is my pre-order tax deductible?

In general, no: pre-order purchases are not tax deductible. However, some US projects started by or with a 501(c)(3) organization may offer tax deductions. If so, this will be mentioned on the project page. If you have questions about tax deductions,

How can I delete a comment I posted on a product creator campaign page?

The comments section of a project is an open space for discourse between you and the product creator. As such, we try to leave this area as "on the record" as possible so as to create transparency for everyone. In light of this, it is not possible to