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Do I get notified if a product I pre-ordered succeeds?Updated a year ago

Yes. CrowdMall will send you automatic notification of the success of a product campaign on the following occasions:

  1. When a live campaign reaches its pre-sales target
  2. When a product is ready to be shipped to your delivery address

Also, you can check on the progress of a product you have pre-ordered by visiting its campaign page and looking at how much of the tracking progress bar is now colored teal. The page also displays the percentage completed of product pre-sales towards the target figure.

CrowdMall encourages product creators to stay in regular contact with buyers like you about the status of their campaigns. You can also reach out to product creators either directly (via their vendor profile pages) or indirectly (via their campaign pages' "Q&A" and "Comments" feature).

Contact details at top of vendor profile page

Contact form and direct "Vendor chat" button at bottom of vendor profile pageLink to creator's vendor profile page under a product campaign page 

Q&A section on a product campaign page

Comments section on a product campaign page

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