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When is my card charged?Updated a year ago

Your card is charged when you make the pre-order payment. Your money is stored in a secure, Stripe deposit account until you have safely received delivery of the product you ordered.

If a campaign is unsuccessful, if you never receive delivery of a product you pre-ordered, or if the product you receive is defective in some way (and you contact the seller within 14 days of receiving the goods) you get all of your money back.

If a campaign is successful, your money is shared between the seller, CrowdMall, and Stripe 21 days after you receive the product.

Make sure you use a valid card for your pre-orders and/or that you have sufficient money in your order or on your card to complete your purchase successfully.

Keep your payment details up to date in your profile (e.g. when you receive a new or replacement credit card) 

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