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CrowdMall primer

Help with the first steps on how to use CrowdMall

What is CrowdMall?

CrowdMall is an e-commerce marketplace where product creators generate risk-free pre-orders of ready-to-make products from early-adopter buyers. The platform's slogans include:. Early-adopter buyers vie to "be the first" to back and own innovative ne

What are the basics?

Creators run campaigns to test their pre-launch products in the marketplace with real customers to get data for validating product-market fit. Creators receive patterns of data that reveal the target audiences for their products. Buyers get the chanc

Why is the target measured in pre-sale units rather than setting a financial threshold?

Products vary in price, due to different types of production costs. The number of pre-sold units is a better indication of the level of popularity of a product. The threshold number of units is set at a level that indicates "true fans" beyond the sup

What are the fees?

Creators whose campaigns are approved pay a listing fee of USD $250.00. This fee ensures quality control so that only products with a significant chance of reaching their pre-sales targets – and validating their product-market fit –

How do I manage my messages?

Every registered user of CrowdMall has the facility to send messages to product creators. All creators have vendors profiles that include contact forms for platform users to send them messages. Also, every product campaign pages includes two ways for

In which languages does CrowdMall offer support?

CrowdMall is only available currently in the English language because the platform launched only in the anglophone U.S. market. This means that buyers live and/or work in the United States, whereas creators can be located anywhere in the world as lon

Why do people pre-order goods from product creator campaigns?

Products that are eligible for CrowdMall campaigns have production finance in place at the start of a live campaign. The reason for creators wanting to run campaigns at CrowdMall is to find out whether or not their products meet the needs of real cus

How do I sign into or create a buyer's account?

Anyone can sign up to become a buyer on CrowdMall. Buyers set up accounts in order to pre-order products. Product creators can also set up buyer accounts if they want to purchase pre-launch products from campaigns run by other creators.

How can I update my email address and/or password?

Anyone who wants to set up a buyer's account to pre-order a product can do so by reading the answer to the question "How do I sign into or create a CrowdMall account" in the Help Center. When you click on the "My account" icon on any page on CrowdMal

Where do buyers come from?

Buyers are people who want to pre-order products from live campaigns. As CrowdMall launched in the U.S. initially, buyers are customers based in the United States exclusively. Pre-launch products can only be purchased in U.S. dollars. Within these pa

What do buyers get in return?

Buyers benefit from pre-ordering pre-launch products in the following ways:. You can find out more about this topic by reading the Launchpad blog post "The Psychology of Why Customers Love Pre-Ordering."

Can I view data CrowdMall holds about me?

When you log into your buyer's account at CrowdMall there are three subsidiary menu tabs under the "My Account" column on the left-hand side of the page. These tabs are:. Only you have access to your own account details on CrowdMall. The answers to t