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How do I sign into or create a buyer's account?Updated a year ago

Anyone can sign up to become a buyer on CrowdMall. Buyers set up accounts in order to pre-order products. Product creators can also set up buyer accounts if they want to purchase pre-launch products from campaigns run by other creators. 

Click on the "My account" icon in the top right-hand corner of any page.

The landing page invites you to sign up for a buyer's account or to log in to an existing CrowdMall account via a pop-up box.

Once you have registered for the first time, clicking on the "My account" menu link leads to the empty "My Pre-orders" landing page for your account. Your other options in the left-hand column menu are to add your mailing address to your "Address Book" and to view any product campaigns you have saved to your "Wishlist" by clicking on the "Saved Campaigns" tab.

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