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Why do people pre-order goods from product creator campaigns?Updated a year ago

Products that are eligible for CrowdMall campaigns have production finance in place at the start of a live campaign. The reason for creators wanting to run campaigns at CrowdMall is to find out whether or not their products meet the needs of real customers to secure validation in the marketplace and to discover the profiles of their target audiences.

CrowdMall campaigns go live before the products they promote are on sale anywhere else. 

Buyers who pre-order products at CrowdMall are by definition the first people to buy the items. This means these buyers can become advocates, influencers and trendsetters for the products. 

Also, creators will often customize the products they pre-sell at CrowdMall to make the limited number of units available special for CrowdMall buyers, potentially to make them collectors' items with authentic provenance.

CrowdMall's slogans include: "Amazon for everything that doesn't yet exist." Buyers can "be the first" customers in the world to own the products promoted for the first time at CrowdMall.

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