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How do I manage my messages?Updated a year ago

Every registered user of CrowdMall has the facility to send messages to product creators. All creators have vendors profiles that include contact forms for platform users to send them messages.

Also, every product campaign pages includes two ways for anyone wishing to request information  from creators:

  • Q&A: This tab is a forum for CrowdMall users of all types to ask questions to product creators for them to answer
  • Comments: This tab is an opportunity for CrowdMall users of all types to share messages about the product and/or the campaign (e.g. observations, suggestions, ideas, and testimonials)

When buyers pre-order a product, their email addresses are added to the records available to product creators to consult. Creators can therefore communicate with buyers via email; messages may include newsletters, transactional emails or promotional information.

Please note that buyers and general browsers can not contact anyone directly other than product creators via CrowdMall.

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