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Managing your pre-order

Help with questions about pre-orders

Can I cancel a pre-order?

You can cancel your pre-order for any product at any time before a campaign end date is reached and receive 100% of your money back. Please contact our customer support for your order cancellation via email to [email protected].

My refund was sent to an expired card, what do I do?

In order avoid this situation, please keep your preferred payment method and current card details up to date in your buyer account. If your card to which Shopify attempts to pay a refund is expired or canceled, your new card is credited with the refu

Where can I keep track of my pre-orders?

In the pre-sales phase of a product campaign, you can track the progress towards reaching the  manufacturing and fulfillment phase of the campaign by checking the movement of progress bar, which displays the journey of the campaign toward reaching it

How can I change my payment method before a campaign ends?

You can't make this change without canceling your pre-order and then repurchasing the pre-launch product using your new payment method. This is a simple process. You can cancel your pre-order for any product at any time before a campaign end date is

How can I change my pre-order amount or product selection?

While a campaign is live, which means the product has not reached its pre-sales target, you can choose to change your order. You can order extra units by paying for more items via the product campaign page by clicking on the "Up" arrowhead in the pre

Will I receive a receipt for my pre-order?

Yes, you receive an automatic receipt sent to your registered email address as soon as you make a pre-order purchase of a product at a CrowdMall campaign.