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How can I change my pre-order amount or product selection?Updated a year ago

While a campaign is live, which means the product has not reached its pre-sales target, you can choose to change your order. 

You can order extra units by paying for more items via the product campaign page by clicking on the "Up" arrowhead in the pre-sales units field to the left of the teal-colored "Pre-order" button.

You can reduce or cancel an order by getting in touch with the product creator via their vendor profile page, either via the contact form or direct chat options at the bottom of the page. The creator will then contact CrowdMall to request a full refund for the price of the required number of pre-sale units.You can find vendor profile pages by clicking on a link for the creator on their product campaign page, either directly under the product title or in the "About the Creator" section under the gatefold.Product creator link is under the product title

Product creator link is in the "About the Creator" column under the gatefold of the page

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