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Help with how to allocate responsibility for CrowdMall campaigns

What happens if a product campaign breaks CrowdMall's rules?

All product creators have to follow CrowdMall's Rules, policies and Terms of Service. Failure to do so may result in their campaigns being suspended and removed from the platform, with all money raised from pre-sales of their products returned to buy

Who is responsible for completing a campaign as promised?

Product creators are solely responsible for setting the rules for their own campaigns, in terms of thresholds for pre-sales goals and deadlines for completing the campaign and for making and shipping the finishing product. In most cases, the live pha

How do I know if a product campaign will follow through?

Every product creators agrees to abide by CrowdMall's Rules, policies and Terms of Service before their campaigns can be approved. In practice, this does not guarantee that any given campaign will be successful or that any particular product will be

Does CrowdMall issue refunds?

CrowdMall operates a "100% money-back guarantee" for buyers like you, which comes into play in two circumstances:. For further information, please consult CrowdMall's Terms of Service.

Why can't CrowdMall guarantee the success of a product campaign?

CrowdMall is a platform for product creators to find product-market fit for their products. In this endeavour, they can either success or fail – both of which are valid outcomes that give authentic data about whether or not a product meets a real cus

What does CrowdMall do to protect me?

CrowdMall operates a robust set of Rules, policies, and Terms of Service for all users of the platform: product creators; browsers; and buyers like you. Our policies are designed to create an environment where you can interact safely and courteously