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Who is responsible for completing a campaign as promised?Updated a year ago

Product creators are solely responsible for setting the rules for their own campaigns, in terms of thresholds for pre-sales goals and deadlines for completing the campaign and for making and shipping the finishing product.

In most cases, the live phase of campaigns (in which pre-launch products are available for pre-ordering) will last for a few months. 

Note: In order to cover any outliers, the maximum length of time for completing a customer validation campaign is six months. This means that that the maximum active phase of a campaign when pre-orders can be submitted is six months, but in practice most campaigns will run for much shorter periods.

After a successful pre-sales phase, a product is green-lit for its manufacturing and shipping phase. Given that products listed at CrowdMall are pre-authorized for finance and production logistics, this fulfillment phase can be short, perhaps only a few weeks' long. 

Note: In order to cover any outliers, the maximum length of time for making a product and shipping it, after completing a successful customer validation campaign, is also six months. This period is limited by the rules in place at Stripe for holding money in deposit accounts. In practice, most products will be manufactured and shipped in a much shorter time.

Should a campaign you have supported fail to reach its pre-sales target or a product fail to be received safely by you, you get all pre-order money paid back to you.

At the margins there is some flexibility where issues arise that can't be prevented. Product creators can make reasonable changes to your campaign (if agreed by the customer service team at CrowdMall) as long as they communicate their plans clearly with you.

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