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What is a campaign update request?Updated a year ago

We understand that it can be frustrating when a product creator hasn’t posted a new update in a while. At CrowdMall we expect creators to send regular messages to buyers like you at a rate of at least one new update a month. In instances where this has not happened we suggest you send the creator a campaign update request.

You can make an update request by writing to the product creator via the contact form or chat function on their vendor profile page (which you reach my clicking on the creator's name link on the campaign page) or by reaching out to the creator via the Q&A or Comments function on the product's campaign page

A lack of communication with you doesn’t mean that the creator has given up on completing their product campaign successfully. After requesting an update we recommend giving the creator few days to respond. The creator may be receiving a lot of requests, which may delay their opportunity to get back to you.

For the creator's response does not address your question, simply ask the vendor a follow-up question to address your request more clearly.

Every creator will have their own preference for how best to keep their buyers in the loop. For some, this may be only posting an update when they feel that they have something sufficient to share. Other creators will enthusiastically post an update for their community every week without fail.

While we can’t force a creator to post an update, in instances where an update is long overdue we do reach out to creators to remind them of their obligation to buyers like you.

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