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What can CrowdMall do when a product creator does not fulfill their campaign promises?Updated a year ago

Ideally, in this circumstance, the creator will let you know about any problems regarding the delivery of the product. Communication is key.

If you have specific worries or you have not been kept informed you can contact the creator via their vendor profile page (contact form or direct chat) or their product campaign page (Q&A or comments options under the gatefold).

If you don't receive delivery of the product you pre-ordered, in the first instance check with the creator that they shipped the product. If there was a problem with the package courier, the creator may be able to send you a replacement item in the post.

If however you never receive delivery of the product you pre-ordered (or there are no replacement items available) you receive 100% of your money back under CrowdMall's guarantee to buyers. No money is paid out to creators, CrowdMall or third parties until 21 days after you receive a product that you are happy with. The task of reimbursing you with the money you paid for a product you didn't receive is straightforward: we refund your purchase from the money held securely in the deposit account for the product.

If you wish to raise a complaint about a product or its creator, please write to our customer service team at [email protected]. All vendors have to comply with CrowdMall's Terms of Service, conditions and policies. Failure to follow our rules can (in extreme circumstances) leads to product campaigns being stopped and creators being removed from trading on the platform.

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