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It is a problem if creators also list their pre-launch products on other platforms?Updated a year ago

In practice, this scenario is unlikely to happen. Creators have to pre-authorize their products in terms of funding, manufacturing, and fulfillment before they can list their campaigns on CrowdMall. Creators may have raised money via crowdfunding to make a minimum viable product (MVP) to pre-authorize the funding for their CrowdMall campaign, but the pre-launch products available for pre-order on our platform will always be unique to CrowdMall.

We expect creators to have funds in place before their campaign launches to make their product. This money could be raised via a seed crowdfunding campaign on a platform like Kickstarter, which offers rewards in exchange for financial contributions from backers. Crowdfunding campaigns can offer MVP products as perks, but the likes of Kickstarter does not give project owners any insight into the market profile of their backers.

At CrowdMall, even where product creators have pre-sold items as prototype crowdfunding rewards, we encourage them to see their campaigns at our platform as opportunities to pre-sell their products as first-edition special sales. This means that any product you pre-order will be one of a limited edition of pre-launch, customized products that will never be available to purchase anywhere else.

The primary aim of creators at CrowdMall is to find out if the products they want to sell have market fit. Creators want to answer the questions, "Can I find customers for my product?" and "Who are my customers?" CrowdMall is the only place where creators can answer both of these questions simultaneously.

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