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How do I delete my account?Updated a year ago

If you’d like to delete your CrowdMall buyer account, you can request this course of action by emailing our customer services team at [email protected]. You can't do this on your own.

Please bear in mind that you can't reverse the deletion of your account, so any information you delete will no longer be retrievable. Be sure to double-check before proceeding.

If and when your CrowdMall account is deleted, you will be removing yourself as a buyer from any products you have pre-ordered, as well as deleting your entire purchase history. This means that creators will no longer be able to send you updates about a project, or have access to the information needed to ship any rewards you may be waiting on.

Make sure, therefore, that you request refunds of any live pre-orders before deleting your account.

Deleting your account will not remove your name, comments, or questions you may have asked from any product you pre-ordered at CrowdMall. We may retain certain information as required by law or for necessary business purposes.

Deleting your account will:

  • Delete the email and (cryptographically hashed) password you use to sign in
  • Delete your profile
  • Remove your name as a buyer of all successful products you pre-ordered. Note: this will likely make it impossible for creators to send you products you pre-ordered but have yet to receive.
  • Stop all notifications to your email address.

Before deleting your CrowdMall account we recommend doing the following first:

  1. Make sure to cancel any pre-orders you have purchased from live campaigns. Bear in mind that a pre-order can not be canceled if a campaign has reached its pre-sales target.
  2. If there are any products that are still being fulfilled, we recommend that you reach out to the creator to coordinate off-site communication. Deleting your account will remove your name as a buyers and the creator will no longer have access to your delivery information.
  3. Download a copy of your CrowdMall data. The information downloaded will include all of your pre-order history, should you need this again in the future.
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